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A Guide to Leaf Peeping near Washington, DC

The leaves changed a bit later this year but it’s official!  It is leaf-peeping season!  Here’s my guide to leaf peeping in and around Washington, DC.

National Mall

The National Mall is always a great spot for a stroll or a run.  In the fall, it’s a nice spot to check out the changing trees.  You won’t find super bright trees on the mall but the golden glowing trees will still get you in the fall mood.  

National Mall in Washington, DC | Adventures with Shelby

Walk towards the Capitol and there are some bright maples scattered around with popping color both on the East and West side.

Washington, DC | Adventures with Shelby

Rock Creek Park

I recently posted about hiking in Rock Creek Park .  This is a great area to explore in the fall without even leaving the city.  Take a walk or bring a picnic and enjoy the changing leaves!

Rock Creek Park, DC | Adventures with Shelby

National Arboretum

The National Arboretum is another great park to see the changing leaves without leaving the city!  I posted recently about the wildflowers that bloom in early fall.  As the season progresses, the park is full of changing foliage.  What better place to leaf peep than an Arboretum! 

US National Arboretum in the Fall | Adventures with Shelby


Theodore Roosevelt Island

Miles of trails wind through this wooded island at the edge of DC, making it a great place to explore in the fall!  In the winter when the leaves are gone, you can see through the trees a bit more for a nice view of Georgetown.  However, there are little trails leading closer to the river to get these views even with the leaves!

Theodore Roosevelt Island, DC | Adventures with Shelby

Shenandoah National Park

Shenandoah National Park is a great day trip from Washington, DC and one of the best places to leaf peep in the area!  Take a drive down Skyline Drive and take in all the beautiful views at the overlooks or take a hike on one of the many trails in the park. 

Skyline Drive, Shenandoah National Park | Adventures with Shelby

Harpers Ferry National Park

Another good trip from Washington, DC is Harpers Ferry National Historic Park in West Virginia.  Only one hour from DC, this is the perfect time to go see beautiful foliage.  Harper’s Ferry is at the intersection of Shenandoah River and Potomac River offering beautiful views of foliage along the water.  Take a hike on one of the trails for even more spectacular views!

Harpers Ferry, WV | Adventures with Shelby


Bonus: Swann Street

A local instagram favorite, Swann Street is known for being lined with beautiful Ginkgo Trees.  They have just started to change color so in the coming weeks they will pop!  Though this street in particular is known for these trees, you can find Ginkgos throughout the city so keep an eye out!

Washington, DC in the Fall | Adventures with Shelby

Where is your favorite place to go leaf peeping!?  Did I miss any good leaf peeping spots near DC?  Share below!

A Guide to Leaf Peeping near Washington, DC | Adventures with Shelby


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