Biplane Ride in Northern Virginia | Adventures with Shelby
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Biplane Ride in Northern Virginia

During our honeymoon this summer, my husband wanted to book a ride on a small plane to go to one of the remote islands off the coast of Puerto Rico.  Unfortunately, as they were recently reopening there were limited options so we ended up taking the ferry.  Since my husband was all hyped about the small planes, I was inspired to look up small plane flights in the area for a surprise birthday gift.  Lo and behold I found an even cooler option than a simple small plane ride – a ride in a 1941 biplane!  

Biplane Ride in Northern Virginia | Adventures with Shelby

Biplanes are the early plane models with two pairs of wings.  When searching local small planes, I found Browns Biplane Rides which offers rides in a PT-17 Stearman Biplane or a T-6 Texan in Warrenton, Virginia.  They offer sightseeing rides, instructional flights, and even aerobatic rides!  That’s right – the pilot will do loops and rolls if you want!  Note: as these planes are only 2 seaters, the rides are only one passenger.

Mr. Brown, the pilot, is an Air Force veteran and is quite possibly one of the most interesting people I have met.  He flies in formation flights and performs aerobatic demonstrations in the Flying Circus show, but also runs this business offering rides and flight lessons from April to November.  Mr. Brown won 1st Place in the Masters Aerobatic Contest in 2011!  

Biplane Ride in Northern Virginia | Adventures with Shelby

I surprised my husband with a 30 minute sight-seeing ride in the PT-17 Stearman Biplane.  He knew when we pulled into the airport that he was going to ride in a plane but when he saw the bright blue and yellow Stearman he was shocked to say the least!  

He may have been a bit jittery as Mr. Brown briefed him before the flight, but let me tell you he could not wipe the smile off his face when they landed!  They apparently flew by a wedding and saw the Chrysler family mansion.  I’m told you have great views of the mountains from up there.  The kicker for me was the cute helmets.  🙂

Biplane Ride in Northern Virginia | Adventures with Shelby

Though their season wraps up at the end of November you can buy a gift certificate for a future ride!  Check out their website to read more about this cool business. 


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