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A Guide to Music Festival Camping

As a follow up to my last post about Music Festival Necessities, I have put together my guide to camping at music festivals!  

Camping Tent

This likely goes without saying, but if you are camping at a festival you need a tent.  ‘Nuff said. The size and quality of the tent is really up to your preference and how many people are joining you.


Pop-Up Tent

Festival campsite areas tend to be in open fields with little to no natural shade.  Having something like a pop-up tent makes a huge difference in your camping experience.  


Air Mattress or Pad

I don’t know about you all, but I can’t sleep while camping unless there is some form of a cushion beneath the sleeping bag!  There are some great portable air mattresses that are battery powered (don’t forget – no outlets in the middle of a field!).  Otherwise, a safe bet is a sleeping mat.  


Sleeping Bag

I made the mistake once thinking I would be okay with just a light blanket while camping… it gets colder at night!!  Cut to me using towels on top of the blanket to try to stay warm!  Save yourself the trouble and pack a sleeping bag. 



This is more-so a reminder for camping newbies.  You will need a tarp to put down under your tent to help keep your tent dry (hello morning frost!). 



While I already recommended blankets for sitting in the festival in my last post, I’d also recommend bringing tapestries to tie up to your pop up tent.  Not only is this nice and decorative, it helps to create more shade!


Music Festival | Adventures with Shelby


When you come stumbling back to the campsite at night, you will need some sort of light source!  I recommend getting a lantern to have on the campsite.  This will help you get settled, change, whatever you need when it’s dark out.


Folding Chairs

Though you will spend a lot of time inside the festival, don’t underestimate how much time you will spend at your campsite.  You definitely need some type of seats for chilling in the morning/afternoon.



Though you can buy food at the festival (and likely will for most meals), you should bring a cooler with some beverages for the campsite as well as some snacks.  Hydration is the key to success!  While you can pack adult beverages, DON’T FORGET WATER!  I cannot emphasize this enough!


Folding Table

If you have a group camping together – you might want to bring a folding table.  This is especially helpful if you plan on bringing a grill or making any meals at the campsite.  Alternatively, you can use a table to play games before heading into the festival!


Reusable Dishware

Don’t be a litterbug and use reusable dishes and plates!


Portable Speaker

This is more for funsies, but you may want to bring a portable speaker to play music while you are at the campsite!


Battery Powered Fan

Portable fans are super handy to have if it is going to be hot!  The smaller ones can be brought into the festival but you can also get a larger one to keep cool at the campsite.


Bug Repellant

Whether you are near woods or in a field, you are going to need bug repellant!  Grab some bug spray or a battery repellant to save yourself from getting eaten alive.


Power Bank

Though this was included in the last post about Music Festival Necessities, I think it deserves a second reminder.  I actually bring a small power bank with my into the festival and keep a larger one at the campsite.  You have to make sure your phone lasts all weekend!


Hygiene Items

Some camping hygiene essentials include:

  • Body Wipes
  • Paper Towels/Napkins
  • Trash Bags (don’t be a litter bug!)
  • Hand Sanitizer

Though there are usually showers available somewhere at fesitval campsites, you don’t know how far you will need to walk.  I bring a gallon bottle of water and a bathing suit to do a quick rinse as a back up.  Body wipes, or baby wipes, are also VERY handy for a wipe down.  

A Guide To Music Festival Camping

Did I miss anything!?  Share your festival camping essentials in the comments!


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