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Street Cats of Morocco

While touring any major city in Morocco, you will immediately notice stray cats looming around every corner. Some say there are as many street cats in Morocco as there are people!  I find it quite charming to spot them throughout the city.

Part of the reason there are so many cats, is that neutering animals isn’t that common in Morocco.  Though the cats are stray, you will notice some locals leave water bowls and food scraps out for the animals.  They also seem completely unphased when cats wander in and out of the souks.

Cats of Morocco | Adventures with Shelby

I found the street cats so fascinating because they live harmoniously with the locals. Some lay sunbathing in the entrance to a souk, while others come seeking scraps while you’re eating outdoors. They seem an integral part of the bustling medina.  While I went to view the Tannery in Fez, there were cats hanging out in the indoor leather shop which was at least one floor up from the main street!

Cats of Morocco | Adventures with Shelby

Once while we were having tea at an outdoor cafe, I didn’t notice a tiny kitten approaching until it brushed past my leg!  I nearly jumped out of seat because it surprised me so much!  They certainly aren’t very shy or scared of people.  

Cats of Morocco | Adventures with Shelby

Sometimes it can be quite heartbreaking, because some of the cats are in bad health.  However, my mother-in-law told me there are some charities that try to help treat the strays.  HSAM operates around Essaouira and SPANA operates around Marrakech for both street animals and working animals. 

Cats of Morocco | Adventures with Shelby

Cats are very much a part of the Moroccan experience.  Keep an eye out for these furry guys while you explore the medinas.  Or better yet, eat outdoors and they’ll find you!

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Street Cats of Morocco | Adventures with Shelby




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