Must Have Travel Essentials

10 Must Have Travel Essentials

Although we might not be ready to travel just yet, I certainly have several trips in mind once it is more safe!  I’ve also been planning more local getaways to national parks and other locales that allow for outdoor activities without being too crowded.  While daydreaming of future trips, I compiled what I think are the top travel essentials.  I hope you enjoy!


Aside from suitcases and duffel bags, I find that I use backpacks the most when traveling.  A decent backpack is a great investment for use as a carry-on bag.  Pro tip: pack a change of clothes in your carry-on as a back up in case your checked luggage gets lost!


Travel Wallet

I use a travel wallet where I keep my essentials – ID, Passport, credit card, tickets.  This way I am not digging through my whole carry on when I need to check in to a flight, etc.  I try to keep cash in a separate zip bag or wallet tucked deeper into my carry-on for use later in the trip.  


Portable Battery

Portable batteries are super helpful to have in many circumstances.  These are especially important while traveling.  You don’t want to depend on finding an outlet to be able to charge your devices.


Universal Travel Adapter

This is one of the best investments I ever made for international travel.  Universal adapters are a bit chunky compared to location-specific adapters, but they can be used no matter where you go!  



A tablet in general can be great to bring along on trips.  They’re small and easy to transport!  I specifically like to bring my Kindle so I can read during trips without weighing down my bag with books.


I always bring my own headphones when traveling by plane.  Usually you can get a pair on the flight, but they tend not to be very comfortable and sometimes it costs money.  I usually bring small earbud headphones because they don’t  take up a lot of space.  However, larger noise-blocking headphones are quite popular (crying baby? no problem!).


Toiletry Bag

Although you can find travel sized bottles of shampoo and other toiletries at the store, it is a lot cheaper and economical to use re-usable travel bottles!  I also use these to pack sunscreen – something I want to have handy immediately when I arrive on a trip.  


Electronics Organizer

I find that having a travel case to organize my chargers and cords is a life saver!  It makes it so much easier for me to find the charger that I need, when I need it.



A lot of people use their phones as their day-to-day camera.  However, I really think having a nice camera is a good investment to take on trips.  Just be sure to get a carrying case or something to protect it!



I like to bring my GoPro on trips and when I assembled a short video of my footage walking through the Fez Medina in Morocco, I realized a lot of my footage is super shaky!  A gimbal is a great item to have for cameras or phones to stabilize the footage.  These are great investments for travel photography and videography.


Bonus: Silicone Wedding Band

Wedding rings are probably the most valuable items we own.  Silicone bands are great for our trips and even for activities like hiking!  It’s a nice alternative so you can still wear a wedding band while not risking snagging your rings or losing them on a trip.


What are your top travel essentials?  Share below!

10 Must Have Travel Essentials | Adventures with Shelby


  • Jeanine

    This is a fantastic list filled with all that you need… we love our travel wallets… though I think the power batteries are something we need to get…I really love the idea of having charge all day long no matter how many photo’s I take with the phone…

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