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Marché de Noël de Lille (Lille Christmas Market)

Every year, Lille hosts a Christmas Market complete with a giant ferris wheel!  From the end of November until New Year’s you can enjoy Christmas lights and decorations throughout the city.  Marché de Noël de Lille is the largest Christmas market in Northern France!  Apparently this tradition is centuries old.  

Grand Place

A 164ft Ferris Wheel stands in Grand Place during the holiday season, in addition to a Christmas Tree and other decorations.  

Grand Place Lille | Adventures with Shelby

Riding the Ferris Wheel is absolute must – the views from the top are unreal!  Definitely wrap up if you’re going to ride the Ferris Wheel because it can be quite windy up there!  

View from the Ferris Wheel in Grand Place, Lille | Adventures with Shelby

I rode the Ferris Wheel with my mom just before sunset and we got a beautiful Golden Hour view and watched the sun go down! 

After the sun is down the lights are just stunning!

Place Rihour

The Christmas Market is set up in Place Rihour, which is just behind Grand Place across from the Tourism Office.  The Marché de Noël features around 80 chalets selling local products and gifts.  The chalets are organized in a circular winding path, so looping around is the best way to not miss anything!   

Place Rihour Christmas Market | Adventures with Shelby

There are a lot of warm food and drink options available, including regional delicacies!  The cheese may be stinky but it is delicious!  Pro tip: Raclette cheese over potatoes and ham is THE BEST THING EVER.  I highly recommend getting a hot drink to enjoy while browsing the chalets.  Plenty of vin chaud to go around!    

Vin Chaud at the Christmas Market | Adventures with Shelby

Like most places in Europe, everything closes down on Sundays in Lille.  However, for the three Sundays leading up to Christmas the market remains open! 

Lille Christmas Market | Adventures with Shelby

Vieux Lille

This already charming neighborhood is decked out for the holidays.  Vieux Lille has Christmas lights and greenery over shop fronts.   

Vieux Lille at Christmas | Adventures with Shelby

It is always worthwhile to take a stroll through Vieux Lille.  But during the holidays it is extra worth it!

Chamber of Commerce

Place du Théâtre has kid rides and Christmas decorations as well.  Inside the Chamber of Commerce, they set up an ice skating rink for children.  

Place du Theatre | Adventures with Shelby

The Chamber of Commerce is worth a visit even if you don’t have kids!  It is closed to the public for the rest of the year.  They also have vendors set up around the small rink.

Lille is extra adorable in the winter.  Bundle up and enjoy all these amazing attractions during the holiday season!


Lille Christmas Market | Adventures with Shelby


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