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Strasbourg Christmas Market

Strasbourg is on the eastern border of France in the Alsace Region.  This city has gone back and forth between being part of France and part of Germany, which has created an interesting blend of both the culture and the architecture.  Strasbourg is well-known for its annual Christmas market, or Christkindelsmärik.  

Strasbourg isn’t a large city, and the Christmas market is spread across town.  The best way to explore the markets is definitely by foot.  There is plenty of vin chaud / gluhwein (mulled wine) to help warm up!  There are also fires to stand by scattered around the markets. 

Strasbourg at Christmastime | Adventures with Shelby

One of my favorite parts is the decorated Rue Mercière leading up to Place de la Cathédrale, which is also filled with market stalls.  Cathédrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg is the sixth-tallest church in the world and is the tallest surviving structure built in the Middle Ages.  No matter what time of year, this church is a must-visit.  During Christmas-time, they add some seasonal decorations as well.  The cathedral serves as a beautiful backdrop to the market.

Strasbourg Christmas Market | Adventures with Shelby

Make sure to go inside the cathedral to check out the beautiful stained glass and holiday decorations!


Another great place in the city to explore markets and decorations is Petite France!  For a full map of the different markets and entertainment during the holiday season, check out Strasbourg’s website.

Day time is great for shopping and exploring the markets.  However, at night the city glows with beautiful Christmas lights and lit up market stalls.  Strasbourg is supposed to have one of the top Christmas markets in Europe and I can see why!


Strasbourg, France: Capitale de Noel | Adventures with Shelby


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