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Music Festival Necessities

We are headed to our first music festival in a few years soon – Firefly Music Festival !  With other festivals on the horizon, I was inspired to put together a guide for music festival necessities.  Here is my list of must haves to ensure a great weekend:

Music Festival Necessities | Adventures with Shelby

First and foremost, the best part of music festivals is you can wear whatever the heck you want!  You can get away with nearly any fashion choice at a music festival.  So in my humble opinion, funky accessories and outfits are essential for the festival experience. 


If you are going to be out in the elements all weekend, sunglasses are one of the first accessory essentials that come to mind.  If you will need sunglasses they might as well be funky!


Fanny Pack

There is a reason fanny packs are making a comeback – functionality!! I did not have a functional bag for my first music festival and I ended up paying a ridiculous price to buy a fanny pack onsite.  Don’t make the same mistake!  A fun backpack or fanny pack is necessary to carry around your basics – phone, wallet, sunnies (after hours), chapstick, what have you.


Face Cover

Depending on the festival location, music festivals can get very dusty!!  To save yourself from inhaling dirt, or even to help hide the smell in the port-a-johns, I recommend having some sort of face cover handy.  These are more common now anywho, and extra helpful if crammed around a bunch of people.


Power Bank

The last thing you want is a dead phone at a festival.  Whether you are coordinating with friends or taking pics it is pretty essential to have a functioning phone.  Pack a portable charger and you are set!


Refillable Water Bottle

While you can always buy water bottles at a festival, this isn’t very environmentally friendly nor is it economical!  Bring a refillable water bottle and take advantage of the filling stations.  Hydration is important!



Another alternative to refillable bottles is a camelback.  Easy to transport and fill up.


Body Wipes

Whether you are camping or not, body wipes or deodorant wipes are super handy for a quick refresh.  Pack some extra wipes for bathroom emergencies – don’t want to be stuck with no TP!



While festivals require a lot of standing, there are plenty of opportunities to set out a blanket and take a seat.  You will be glad to have the open to sit!  If no one in your group has a backpack to store the blanket in, you can always get a pocket blanket that folds super tiny.  I recommend a water resistant blanket because you never know what will happen with the weather!


Bonus: GoPro

My bonus festival necessity would be a GoPro or similar style camera.  The advantage to GoPro is that they are small for carrying around and newer models are waterproof.  These durable cameras are great for events like festivals!  Whatever you decide to bring – make sure you have some way to capture the memories you will make along the way.  🙂


Keep an eye out for my next blog with a guide to camping at festivals!

What are some of your music festival essentials?!  Share below!

Music Festival Necessities | Adventures with Shelby


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