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Holiday Gift Ideas

I always plan to shop for the holidays throughout the year so that I am not scrambling last minute.  Yet every year, I inevitable end up rushing to buy everything in December!  Here are some gift ideas for those of us who (like me) may need some last minute inspiration! 

Gifts for the Home

Life as we know it has changed over the past two years and we are all spending a lot more time at home than we used to.  It only seems appropriate to give some gifts that make the it a bit more cozy or fun!  Gifts for the home seem ideal this year.  

Kitchen Supplies

This year takes the cake (pun intended) for the most home-cooking! If you know someone who has been cooking or baking up a storm, maybe they could use some fresh supplies.


Coffee Mugs

Am I the only one who has been drinking more coffee this year!?  Why not gift some new coffee mugs for the coffee or tea lover in your life.


TV Projector

While it is a bit more of a niche item, a mini projector could be a really cool gift idea.  Some people are setting up projectors to enjoy movies while sitting outside!


House Plants

I personally am a huge fan of house plants and I think they make great gifts!  If you don’t want to gift something that is high maintenance, snakes tongue and succulents are very low maintenance plants and live well indoors.


Self-Care Gifts

Something the last two years has taught me is that self-care is critical!!  Gift your loved ones something thoughtful to relax and de-stress.  

Bath Supplies

Bath themed gifts tend to be geared towards female recipients but men can enjoy a nice bath as well! 🙂



For cozy nights at home (or days working from home), slippers are a great gift.  Nobody can see your feet on a teleconference call anyways! 😉



Candles are always a great gift idea and are perfect for a relaxing night!  My friend discovered this really hilarious candle brand – Malicious Women – that has unique and clever labels. 


Essential Oils

Similar to candles, essential oil diffusers make for great gifts!  These are also perfect for households with little ones who may not be able to use candles.


Activity Themed Gifts

Thinking of what somebody likes to do can sometimes inspire gift ideas!  Here are some different activity-based gift ideas. 


Help someone stay challenged and entertained with a puzzle!  I have gotten into puzzles recently and there are some really fun designs to put together.  There are also customizable puzzles you can order!


Board Games

Games are underestimated gifts!  Every household needs some fun games – whether you have kids or young adults.  There are fun new (and traditional) games! 


Work Out Gear

For your active loved ones, you could get some new work out gear or athletic wear! (You can never have too many yoga pants – whether you work out in them or not!)


Camping Gear

I wrote a post about camping necessities previously, but this is also a great gift idea for people who love the outdoors.  Camping gear can make or break a camping experience!


Though electronics are always the most expensive, there are usually some great deals around the holidays!


Fitbit is a great gift idea for people of all fitness levels.  Keep an eye out for holiday deals on new Fitbits or even update someone’s Fitbit by gifting a new band. 



Who doesn’t enjoy taking photos!?  Even better, there are tons of really cool instant print cameras available now which make for fun gifts for both kids and adults!


Digital Frame

A digital frame is a great way to give a sentimental tech gift. Compile some great memories to display on the frame.  



Drones can be a really cool gift for photography lovers or even for kids! There are small drones that don’t have cameras and have bumper guards that are more child-friendly.

Holiday Gift Ideas | Adventures with Shelby

Hopefully this sparks some ideas for your holiday shopping list!  What kinds of gifts will you be giving this year?  


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