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Must Try Moroccan Foods

Moroccan cuisine alone is worth a trip to this North African country! Traditional Moroccan dishes have a mixture of Berber, Arab, Andalusi, and Mediterranean influence.  The food is full of fresh herbs and bright flavor.  Here are some of my recommended must-try Moroccan foods:

Moroccan Tea

I cannot write about Moroccan food without mentioning Moroccan Tea.  Moroccan Tea is green tea prepared with fresh mint and sugar.  If you visit any household in Morocco, you will be offered tea.  Not only does it taste amazing, it is served by pouring it from a height of about 12 inches!  

Moroccan Tea | Adventures with Shelby


Khobz is traditional Moroccan bread, usually baked over a wood fire.  Baked fresh every day, this is served with most meals.  Moroccans use bread as a vehicle to eat dishes.

Moroccan Bread | Adventures with Shelby


Couscous can be referred to as the National Dish of Morocco.  It is served on Fridays (the Muslim Holy Day) and at special events.  Most popular is couscous with seven vegetables, served with lamb, beef, or chicken.  As with most Moroccan dishes, it is served in a large communal dish.

Moroccan Couscous | Adventures with Shelby


Bastilla (or pastilla) is an iconic flaky phyllo crusted dish. There are two main types of bastilla that taste strikingly different.

Chicken Bastilla

Chicken Bastilla is a sweet and savory meat pie.  Originally made with pidgeon, the pie more commonly contains savory chicken and roasted almond filling.  The meat pie is topped with cinnamon and powder sugar.  If you like sweet and salty foods, this is the perfect dish!

Chicken Bastilla | Adventures with Shelby

Seafood Bastilla

Seafood Bastilla is more spicy. The flaky crust is filled with tons of seafood mixed with vermicelli and a spicy tomato sauce.  

Seafood Bastilla | Adventures with Shelby


Chicken M'kelli

Chicken M’kelli is chicken roasted with preserved lemons and olives.  This dish can take different forms, but the main ingredients and sauce remain the same.  I could honestly eat this sauce like soup!  Tangy and delicious!

Chicken M'kelli | Adventures with Shelby


Tagines are the traditional Moroccan vessel for slow cooking.  There are many different types of Tagine dishes, and I have never tried one that I did not like!  Tagines are served in the cooking vessel, itself. 

Pro tip: use the Khobz to scoop up the meat and sauce from the Tagine.

Moroccan Tagine | Adventures with Shelby

Lamb and Prune Tagine

I am not usually a huge prune fan, but Prune and Lamb Tagine is such a deliciously sweet and savory dish.  The lamb is cooked until it’s so tender it falls right off the bone.  

Lamb Prune Tagine | Adventures with Shelby

Kefta Tagine

This tagine is made with ground beef meatballs with lots of fresh seasoning and tomato sauce.  The dish is topped off with fried eggs.

Kefta Tagine | Adventures with Shelby

My fiance often makes Moroccan Tagine dishes at home, and I am going to start trying to cook them as well!  You can find Moroccan Tagine pots in some international grocery stores or online (although they will not be as beautiful as the Tagines available in Morocco).


Keep an eye out for upcoming posts with recipes!  What dish would you most like to try?

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Must Try Moroccan Foods | Adventures with Shelby



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