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Returning to Étretat

When I was 16 years old, I had an opportunity to go on a ten day trip to Northern France through my high school! Though I feel like I wasn’t old/mature enough to truly appreciate it, the trip was amazing.  We went to Paris (of course!) and then proceeded to other areas in the north.  There are bits that I remember more vividly than others. The one town that absolutely stuck out to me was Étretat!

In this town we had a lot of free time.  I broke off from the group with a couple friends and we climbed up to the top of one of the falaises and explored!  While up on the right side of the cliffs, I took the pictures above. 

Two study abroads and a work visa later, I’m back in France!  My dad, stepmother, and half bro came to visit for a week and a half in March.  They had a rental car for the visit so my dad suggested we go to this town while they were here!  It was amazing to revisit, and extra special to have my dad, stepmother, and half bro with me.  When we arrived it was actually so foggy we couldn’t even see past a couple yards in front of us!  Luckily after lunch the fog slowly started to burn away.

We were absolutely on a mission to re-take a picture of me overlooking the cliffs and ocean.  I wasn’t sure if I’d remembered the location of the photo correctly.  It had been nine years after all!  However, as soon as we began the climb up the stairs to the path along the cliffs I knew we were in the right place.  I’d just like to say that the climb up these falaises is no joke.  According to my dad’s phone, we climbed the equivalent of 20 flights this day!

When we found the proper spot, Melissa and I left my dad at the top with the baby half-bro to climb down because the stairs down to this smaller cliff are really narrow and dangerous.  I’m not going to lie, I was pretty terrified sticking my legs over this cliff for the photo!  I suppose I was more brave at 16 than I am at 25!  The overlook was WAY higher up than I had remembered.

Étretat, France | Adventures with Shelby

Anywho, we got the photo!  I did take one looking out wistfully as well, but I like the smiling one better.  😀  The time of day was obviously different, as you can see from the backlighting/glare that kind of takes away from the background.  But I’m not picky!  What you can’t tell is that to take the photo from this angle, my stepmother was legitimately standing on a three foot wide path that drops off on BOTH sides with nothing to hold on to.  I was happy to just have a photo and live to show it!  The photo is taken from the lower cliff on the bottom right photo:

We also explored the small town of Étretat, which I don’t recall doing the last time.   The town itself is adorable!  After the long hike downhill, Mikey passed out in his stroller so we grabbed a drink on the seaside and enjoyed the sunny weather.  It was a perfect day, and I’m really happy that we visited.   

I still haven’t journeyed up the left side where there are more cliffs but this leaves a great excuse to come back again!  😛




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