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French Consulate VisaI’m in the process of getting my second Long-Stay Visa for France… this time for work rather than study.  😛  I feel so official!!  I wanted to write a little bit about how much of a mess I am.  For some reason, since the moment I received the email that I was accepted into the TAPIF program, I have had a hard time fully comprehending that this is REALLY happening.

First, I received a long informative email from the coordinator of the program.  I saw the email, got excited about it, and then proceeded to forget to actually read it.  After nearly a month, I realized that in big bold letters the coordinator had stated that we needed to apply for an identity history summary from the FBI … ASAP!! Holy cannoli I messed up!!!  Luckily, I applied that week and I do have my identity report in time for my trip.

So fastforward to awaiting my arrêté de nomination from my school.
I didn’t receive my contract in the mail for about another week after hearing from my Contract TAPIF, Work Visaschool contact.  My Visa appointment at the consulate was exactly one week later.  I’m a huge procrastinator, and come the Friday before my appointment I JUST started looking through the checklist for my Visa application!!  Why, Shelby, why!

I was dogsitting for my cousin that weekend, and it nearly slipped my mind that I still needed a passport sized photo.  Sunday night, before my 9am appointment the following morning, I finally went to a Walmart and got a photo taken.  In a rush of panic and anxiety, I realized that although I had all my paperwork and contract with me at my cousin’s house… I had left my passport back at home at my mother’s house, an hour away!!!

Thankfully, my mom agreed to meet me early in the morning to bring me the passport.  Just before arriving for my appointment, I skimmed over the checklist one more time to make sure I had everything I needed.  Turns out, I did not!!  I hadn’t made copies of my driver’s license or my contract!  Long story short, Fedex copy machines saved my life.  Lesson learned – never procrastinate preparing for something as important as a work Visa!!!

I am down to 4 weeks and 2 days until my flight out!  I am 90% sure I will be renting a flat in Lille and commuting to Wattrelos.  I’m so excited!!  😀

Lille, France; 2013


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