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Don’t Cry for me Argentina

I just spent the weekend in Orlando, Florida at the World Center Marriott for our Stella & Dot national conference.  My crack-of-dawn flight was canceled (insert all of the crying emojis) and I am currently stranded until my rescheduled flight this afternoon.  That being said, I figured I could use this extra 8 hours of my day to write about my trip this past January to Argentina!


I mentioned that I spent a semester as an exchange student at UVSQ in my previous posts.  When I finished my university studies back in the states (on 12-13-14, coolest graduation date ever!), I made myself a promise.  I declared that if I didn’t make it back to France by the end of 2015, I’d finally make a trip down to South America to visit my friend.  Studying at UVSQ was one of the most amazing experiences, leading me to meet even more amazing people!  One of my closest friends that semester was from Argentina.  We have kept in touch (thanks to the miracles of modern technology and social media internet) and have talked about visiting one another someday.  When I found out that I didn’t get the TAPIF offer for 2015, I figured this was the time to try and make a trip south.

My Argentine friend, Noé, suggested that I visit during my wintertime because it is the same time as her summer.  When I 12719367_10154011297721015_4462123857494187200_omessaged her to say it was officially happening, she responded with so much excitement it warmed my heart!  I am so lucky to have met such fantastic people in my travels and study abroad experiences.  There are some friendships that you just can’t quite put into words.  Noé and I traveled all over Europe together (maybe not all over, but to 5 different countries).  On our trips we talked about our families, our values, perspectives on life, everything!  It was the most incredible experience to be able to finally travel down to see her home land and meet her beautiful family!

12715539_10154011311286015_1134513182092343655_nNoé took off of work for my entire visit so that she could take me around and she planned everything for us to do!  Before I arrived, she met with her close friend to make a list of every place they thought I should see in Buenos Aires.  They picked out a hostel for us to stay in and then booked the bus ride to get us to Córdoba.  Her family even saved one of their Air BnB properties for me to stay in while we were in Córdoba, graciously filling the fridge and setting out Yerba Mate and snacks for12716310_10154010845531015_6601310503055867745_o me before I arrived.  Talk about a warm welcome!!

I feel so blessed to have had my friend as a host for my visit!  She made sure that I had the best possible time, and I barely had to prepare for the trip!  If you are headed to Buenos Aires and you don’t have a local host, below are my personal suggestions (based on Noé‘s hosting) for must sees and must eats in the city.


10 Must Sees:

9 de Julio Avenue, Argentina
9 de Julio Avenue, the widest avenue in the world! Named for Argentina’s Independence Day
Subte amo, Argentina
Ride the subte! I love to experience foreign public transportation systems.
La Flor Argentina
La Flor is a really cool sculpture located close to Recoleta.
Recoleta Cemetery, Argentina
Recoleta neighborhood has the famous cemetery as well as a great market.
El Ateneo
El Ateneo is a little bit of a hidden treasure – an old theatre turned into a book store.
San Telmo, Argentina
San Telmo Market has nearly anything you would want to buy as a souvenir or gift!
La Boca, ARgentina
La Boca, where Tango first started! Colorful neighborhood, in a not-as-safe area. I’d recommend taking a cab there even if you think it is walk-able.
Carpincho, Argentina
This was on my personal bucket list – I’d never seen a Carpincho (capybara in English)!!
Puerto Madero, Argentina
Puerto Madero is a great place to take a walk and has tons of restaurants along it.
Casa Rosada Argentina
Casa Rosada! While I was visiting there were a LOT of protests as the leadership had just changed.


Must Eat/Drink:

Yerba Mate Argentina
When in Argentina, do as the Argentinians do. Drink Yerba Mate.
Empanada Criolla Argentina
Empanadas are a must try – especially empanada criolla.
Pizza Argentina
Pizza! Buenos Aires, specifically, has amazing pizza!
Flan con Dulce de Leche Argentina
Flan con Dulce de Leche is probably my favorite dessert of all time. ‘Nuff said.
Meloncia Argentina
Melancia! A melon cut open and filled with white wine.
Fernet Argentina
Fernet <3 Drank mixed with coke, it’s a bitter spirit.
Milanesa is similar to schnitzel, but a thin slice of beef rather than pork usually.
Asado Argentina
Asado – Traditional grilled meat that is served one cut at a time. Best steak and best chorizo I have EVER had!
Quilmes Argentina
Quilmes – Local cerveza!!

Until next time!  Xoxo.

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