Pensées pour Nice

Currently all over the place emotionally, after hearing about yet another attack in France.  My heart aches for everyone over there.  No one should have to experience that and it’s so devastating to hear about such a tragedy on la fête nationale. This statement from Le Phoceen summarizes the tragedy well:

Une nouvelle fois, la barbarie et la sauvagerie ont fauché des vies innocentes dans un moment de fête et de célébration collective.

215I’m at a loss for words.  I had drafted a post to complain that I still haven’t received my city assignment for my upcoming position yet… but my personal problems seem miniscule in the grand scheme of things.  Président François Hollande has extended l’état d’urgence for France due to the current circumstances.

491All I can do is pray for the everyone affected and remember Nice for the amazing city that it is.  Nice was the first place I traveled to completely solo!  I spent a long weekend there, during my semester at UVSQ in 2013.  It’s one of the most beautiful places – sandwiched between the principality of Monaco and the infamous city Cannes.

I remember this trip vividly… I was SO lost looking for my hostel when I arrived.  Two kind locals drew out a map on a scrap piece of paper for me!  Everyone that I encountered in Nice was so generous and friendly.  While trying to visit Monastère de Cimiez, I asked some women for help identifying the right bus stop.  One of the women was getting off at the same stop, so she showed me where to ride the bus back to where I came from and she explained how to find the Monastery from the Greek Arena.  They chatted with me the whole ride there and made sure I knew to check out the garden behind the monastery.


As I read about the recent events, I keep thinking of all the people I encountered there in passing.  I spend every fourth of July at the beach with family/friends.  I can’t even imagine experiencing something like this while innocently celebrating your nation’s independence day.

Following the attacks in Paris last November, my brother posted on Facebook about visiting me during my semester as an exchange student and how emotional it was seeing the news footage of the tragic events.  He wrote,

Life is too short. Explore and enjoy and embrace other countries and cultures. Spread positive vibes wherever you travel. If everyone continues to “pay it forward” or do whatever small deed you can, the world will be a better place.

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