Maks and Val Tour 2016


What’s the best story you can tell?  Your life story.

Maksim and Valentin Tour 2016
Maks and Val Chmerkovskiy

This weekend, I went to see Maks and Val – Our Way in Northern Virginia.  My grandmother is an avid Dancing with the Stars fan, and has converted me into one as well!  If you’re a fan of DWTS, you know how incredibly adorable Maks and Val are – both in looks and in personality.  Their tour especially intrigued me because they are sharing their personal stories, providing insight on their lives before DWTS.  The performance was even better than I expected!!

 Their story absolutely inspired me, especially following my decision to create this blog.  Val stated, at the beginning of the performance, that when planning this tour they had asked themselves “What’s the best story we can tell?”  Their answer?  “Our life story.”  This really resonated with me.  No one journey is the same as another.  I am not creating this blog to tell the story of my past – let’s be honest, I am only 24 and it would be a total snore compared to the story of the Chmerkovskiy brothers – but, I am sharing my journey as I move to work abroad. 

Maks and Val Tour 2016
Maks and Val – Our Way Tour, EagleBank Arena July 10, 2016

My favorite part of the show was the interviews with the two brothers and their father.  They shared that when they first moved to Brooklyn, NY from the Ukraine their father would write quotes on the wall as they were sleeping.  He would write quotes about hard work, all in English, to inspire them and to help them all learn “the language of their new country.”  Maks and Val said that the quote that each of them remembers most was “three words, in broken English: We wil surviv.”

Maks and Val talked about racking up their 10,000 hours dancing, referencing the 10,000 Hour-Rule from the novel Outliers. The two brothers were so humble in reflecting upon how they got to where they are today.  They repeatedly stated that they credit their parents’ sacrifices for their success.  Val also recognized that his older brother sacrificed a lot for him and their family.  They held a little “Prom” for Maks because he never got to go to one in high school (he opened a dance studio at the age of 16!).  Maks joked that this was his 20th Prom in a row, and he’s got 30 more to go!  He picked a lady from the crowd to be his date, and I must say she stole the spotlight!!

Maks and Val Tour 2016
Maks and Val do Prom!

 All in all, the show is fantastic – I would recommend it for anyone around the upcoming locations on their tour!  It’s incredible what the two brothers have accomplished.  I decided that when I move to France, I will start posting inspiring French quotes on the wall like the Chmerkovskiy family.  🙂

Maks and Val Tour 2016Maks and Val Tour 2016

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